Properties For Sale In Oregon

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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The regional attractions of properties for sale in Oregon are not much different than the virtues that Meriwether Lewis and William Clark extolled in their reports back to then President Thomas Jefferson in 1805. Oregon has about 98,000 square miles of breathtakingly beautiful scenery. Along Interstate 84 from the rugged and picturesque Pacific coastline to the Idaho border is about 466 miles--as close to a crow's flight as you'll find.

Oregon is broken by mountain ranges, rivers, fir and spruce forests (approximately 50 percent of Oregon's territory), and the vast and desert-like Harney Basin. To the east are the Rockies, the Blue and the Wallowa ranges in the north, and the Steens in the south. To the west are the Cascades and the Coast Range. The highest peak in Oregon--Mount Hood--reaches more than 11,000 feet into the clouds.

The spectacular Columbia River gorge, which runs 80 miles along the Washington border, cuts the only sea-level route through the Cascades. The Willamette River empties into the Columbia just 60 miles inland, running north to Portland through the fertile valley that is home to most Oregon residents. Here, of course, is where you'll find the vast majority of properties for sale in Oregon. Crater Lake, at 1,943 feet, is America's deepest, and lies southeast of the valley, below Eugene.

Realtors Know about Properties for Sale in Oregon

A realtor will be your best guide to properties for sale in Oregon. Where the official median price as of the last census was about $152,000, you'll find that a more realistic range will start around $120,000 and go to anywhere between $600,000 and a few million (for a three-bedroom house). Oregon's population is about 3.5 million. About 64 percent of its homes are owner occupied. The median household income is about $43,000. Statewide there are about 35 people per square mile, versus, for example, Washington's 88 and California's 271.

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