Properties In Salem Oregon

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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You're possibly still deciding about properties in Salem, Oregon. You'll do well to link up with a savvy local realtor at this point. You want someone who knows the market. You need someone who can help advise and suggest on what investment might be your best bet. As much as you might study MLS listings to get an idea of the market, you keep remembering the line about nothing being deader than yesterday's newspaper.

That certainly applies to property listings. Reading about different communities is a necessity. You need to develop a sense of whether you want to settle in a place. The nitty gritty of finding a house, however, is still out there. The best use of your time and energy is to make the most of a professional's expertise, right?

FAQ on Properties in Salem, Oregon

The city now encompasses about 46 square miles along the Willamette River. With a population of approximately 145,000 or 150,000, Salem is both a city and a town. As the state capital and the employer of 13,000 in that capacity, it's a city. But the flavor of properties in Salem, Oregon--as of almost every city in the state--is of a neighborly community or a comfortable, if bustling, town. Given the state average of 35 people per square mile, that's natural enough.

As of the last census figures, which the state updates annually, residential properties in Salem, Oregon numbered just over 50,000. More than half were owner occupied. The median value is about $145,000. A search of available houses on the market, however, reveals an actual range for a three-bedroom property at between $120,000 and $350,000. Your realtor--armed with the specifications of your ideal home, and your needs in terms of neighborhoods, schools, and transportation--will prove a godsend at this juncture.

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