Tangent Oregon

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Tangent, Oregon is a delightful little community (population 1,000) in Linn County well worth a good look as a place to call home in the Willamette Valley. You're surrounded by rich farmlands, vineyards, a rich pioneer history, and a glorious sense of space. Real estate is affordable, the scenery spectacular, and the sense of community strong.

Centrally located to Albany, Corvallis, and Lebanon, Tangent, Oregon is convenient to the entire valley. It is closest to Albany, the county seat (population 41,000), just five miles north. The university town of Corvallis (population 50,000) is only 11 miles west. Just 14 miles east is Lebanon (population 13,000). Linn County is in fact the heart of Oregon's renowned Willamette Valley, and Tangent lies in the heart of Linn County. You'll be hard pressed to find a more delightful spot!

The Growth of Tangent, Oregon

Originally a stop on the Southern Pacific Railway line south of Albany, the Tangent post office was established on September 17, 1872. It was named Tangent--clearly by a lover of geometry and things mathematical--because of the perfectly straight stretch (20 miles) of railway line down from Albany and back. It is now bisected by Route 99E north to south, and Route 34 east to west.

With an elevation of only 246 feet, Tangent, Oregon encompasses 3.8 square miles adjacent to the Willamette River, near countless fishing and boating opportunities. The median age in the community is about 37 years old, and the median household income about $47,000. Property values run about on average for the state, with the most recent census reporting $160,000.

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