1031 Exchange Specialists

Written by Linda Alexander
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1031 exchange experts can make a complicated tax procedure easy. A whole industry of experts in Starker exchanges has evolved from the implementation of this tax code. Professionals can help you locate properties to exchange and facilitate the transfer for you. There are also companies that help you with the legal aspects of exchanges. Some real estate brokers also specialize in 1031 properties, although they cannot be your qualified intermediary in the transaction.

Specialists Help Novices and Experts

If you are unsure about investing in 1031 exchange properties, exchange specialists can make your life a lot easier. Many will consult with you and answer your questions about the process. For a beginning investor, this can really be a big help.

Even experienced investors turn to specialists when they want to trade up their properties and defer capital gains taxes. To get through this legal loophole, you have to follow the IRS regulations very carefully. That includes searching for, identifying, contracting and purchasing replacement properties while you sell your relinquished property.

There is no shortage of 1031 exchange properties, but many people do not have the time to search for the right investment. Exchange specialists have properties already lined up for you to choose from, which already qualify for exchanges. They will evaluate your situation, note what you are looking for, and locate the perfect property or properties for you. Rely on specialists when you need to perform an exchange.

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