Certified Home Inspectors

Written by Sierra Rein
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If you own a home and need a legally binding inspection report, the best thing is to hire a certified home inspector. Although Canada and many places in the United States are unregulated, homeowners and business owners alike typically choose to hire a home inspector with proper credentials. Unfortunately, many people choose to pass themselves off as legitimate, trained home inspectors, even though they have no business performing any sort of inspection whatsoever.

Most certified home inspectors achieved their education through a trade school or through a course in an engineering college. There are hundreds of home inspector courses to choose from in North America. On the other hand, those who live in remote areas of Canada and America can also choose to hook their computers up and take legitimate, certifiable courses in home inspection through the Internet.

Associations Common with Most Certified Home Inspectors

Organizations like the CAHPI (Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors) and the AHSI (American Society of Home Inspectors) strive to teach their members how certification is an important part of business. These associations are built around the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics, which were adopted from the AHSI by the Canadian branch in 1994. These standards are the groundwork for the certification process and can never be overlooked during classroom training.

Certified home inspectors usually have more freedom than non-certified ones. They can usually choose whom to work for and how much to charge if they go into business by themselves. Certified home inspectors also have the personal gratification, confidence, and pride that are usually associated with a degree. Of course, this confidence and pride is usually apparent and attractive to clients as well.

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