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Home Buying Seminars

Written by Dana Hinders
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Home ownership is a goal for many Americans, but the loan application process can be overwhelming for the inexperienced buyer. Conducting seminars for first-time home buyers can be an effective marketing tool for mortgage loan officers. You'll be able to meet with potential clients, establish a working relationship, and answer their questions about the home buying process. Following up with home buyers who attended your seminar is likely to result in several sales.

A basic seminar can take place during a brown bag lunch, while a more involved seminar may last several hours. Weekends and evenings are typically the best times to hold home buying seminars; offering participants a choice of times is likely to result in a higher turnout. To increase your chances of success, advertise your home buying seminar in several different sources. Asking participants to pre-register will help you avoid the embarrassment of not having enough flyers or brochures for everyone who attends.

Choosing a Curriculum for Your Home Buying Seminar

You may want to survey your previous customers to create a list of topics to discuss during your home buying seminar. The importance of establishing credit, saving for a down payment, pre-qualifying for a loan, and the differences between fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages are some of the possible topics you may want to cover. A brief discussion of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, and Truth in Lending Act may also be helpful.

If you don't want to take the time to develop your own seminar curriculum, there are several companies that sell completed presentations that you can personalize to fit your marketing plan. These seminars typically include PowerPoint presentations, handouts, a professionally-produced video, and suggestions for generating sales from seminar leads. Whether you decide to create your own seminar or work from a pre-designed curriculum, remember to allow plenty of time at the end of the event to answer participant questions.

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