Home Inspection Classes

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are three major purposes of home inspection classes. The first is to teach students all the technical knowledge regarding wood and steel construction, foundations, heating, plumbing, air conditioning, and appliance safety. This includes information regarding everything from outdoor spas and pools to recognizing termite damage and chemical hazards.

The second purpose of a home inspection class is to get students familiarized with the important tools of the trade. These tools include moisture meters, infrared thermometers, carbon monoxide and combustible gas leak detectors, and thermal imaging cameras. Great home inspection classes should always keep up to date on these technologies and teach new and old students how to use them accurately. These classes should also cover the basics regarding wire gauges, circuit analyzers, pocket calipers, tape measures, awls, and the proper use of binoculars on the field.

The third purpose of home inspection classes is to make sure students understand the important code of ethics associated with the job. Home inspectors have an ethical duty to be honest, straightforward, and completely accurate about both safety issues and any information that may have a financial impact on the client. Home inspection classes must be able to cover the legal rules and regulations of the job and detail the ramifications that occur when false reports are filed.

Where to Take Home Inspection Classes

If you live in a big city area, it is likely that a trade school or college has home inspection classes available to the public. However, not every city has access to a good real estate engineering school. People in more remote areas of Canada, and those who wish to study part-time on their terms, can learn the trade through online correspondence courses on the Internet. The best online home inspection classes incorporate video, computer software, and field tests to make sure the student is learning all the information needed for his or her career.

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