Home Inspection Services

Written by Shirley Parker
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For the average person acquainted with real estate, home inspections tend to bring to mind two subjects--termites or selling a house. A third topic is one we really prefer not to think about--inspections needed following a disaster of some sort. Depending on the part of the country that people live in, those can range from fires or floods to tornadoes or earthquakes, mudslides or hurricanes.

Some home inspection services specialize in termite inspections or providing the prospective homebuyer with an inspection report on a dwelling the individual is thinking of purchasing. Homeowners merely considering selling may wonder if their house has any defects that would stall a sale or require a large cash outlay. Such items might include a chimney and fireplace that have never been used. Are there cracks? Did the birds abandon old nests in it? Are bats just beginning to test it out as a home? A company that specializes in chimneys is the one to contact first.

Other home inspection services provide classroom and workshop training for those entering the business. Likewise, ongoing education (or refresher courses) keeps the inspector current with the increasing number of people who are demanding a home inspection. From all of this education come additional services available to the public at any time: testing for lead based paint, radon gas, mold, water analysis, carbon monoxide testing, and more. Are there mice in the attic or rats in the crawl space, where an extermination service is required?

Keeping the Job Safe for the Inspector

A home inspector doesn't walk on the roof or any part of it at any time. Generally, he doesn't climb ladders either. A home inspector doesn't enter a crawl space that is obstructed or otherwise appears unsafe. For example, if the flashlight shows black widow spiders or snakes are likely to be under the house, or a possum family is inhabiting the crawl space, an inspector is not required to put himself at risk. Dogs or other animals exhibiting aggression are reason enough for the inspector to leave without performing an inspection.

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