Home Inspection Tools

Written by Shirley Parker
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Just about every activity involving a residential unit involves tools of some kind. Home inspection seems to require an arsenal of them, with a heavy-duty flashlight and an extremely bright and durable mini flashlight first on the list. What the outdoorsman is taught applies equally to home inspectors: Never put your hand or foot, and certainly not your face, anywhere you can't see. You never know what might bite.

A much more expensive but valuable tool will be a moisture meter. There are many of them nowadays, including digital models. Some are miniature or pocket size, while others might have a 33-inch telescopic reach extender. Meters exist for checking moisture in wood, in concrete, or for wet walls. Even a marine moisture meter is used for a variety of purposes. When you consider that quite a large number of people live on board their boats, it's important for them to know if the hull and deck, for example, are dry before repainting or varnishing.

Many other specialized tools include inspection mirrors, foundation crack monitors, building stud locators, pipe and wire locators, and rebar locators. Getting up into the very expensive range are ultrasonic leak inspection systems, pipeline cameras, and infrared thermal imaging. The regular home inspector will not generally use such tools unless he is affiliated with a larger company.

Reporting Tools for Home Inspectors

The most important reporting tool in some form will be the home inspection form. Whether created from scratch or preprinted with the aid of software, it is the end result of the inspection. An aluminum form holder is carried in many industries. Particularly if a notebook computer isn't being used, the lid and clip across the top of the form holder restrain the current paperwork, such as the inspection checklist. One or two enclosed compartments under the lid hold additional papers or pens. And speaking of pens, one that will write in the rain is indispensable in unpredictable weather.

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