Luxury New York Homes

Written by Rylee Newton
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When it comes to luxury New York homes you can find lavish Manhattan apartments, beautiful beach homes in the Hamptons, and palatial estates in the countryside. New York has long been the residence of business tycoons, sports stars, media moguls and stars of the stage and screen. You can find a quiet home in the country, or you can opt for the best the big city has to offer.

Luxury New York Apartment in the City, the Country, and The Hamptons

From politicians and financial wizards to the best minds in the world of computer technology and celebrities, the Hamptons have long been known as a site for luxury New York homes. The real estate found there is some of the most expensive property in the country. A home in the Hamptons is not only a status symbol; it's also a great way to escape the stress of the big city.

When it comes to the best in New York real estate, you'll find some beautiful homes in the country. New York is home to the premiere horseracing event the Belmont Stakes. You'll find many palatial estates dedicated to training and raising thoroughbred horses. The sophistication of these properties is legendary.

Nothing says luxury like owning an apartment in Manhattan. New York City has the highest residential real estate prices in the country. Owning property in the city is an instant status symbol. You can find the most decadent of homes in the Uptown area near 5th avenue, at Central Park West, and in the Upper West Side. In recent years the SOHO neighborhood has become home to artists and celebrities alike.

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