New York Apartments For Rent

Written by Rylee Newton
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If you've ever thought about moving to New York, the first thing you consider is the high cost of renting an apartment. While the prices can be intimidating, they are not unmanageable. Plenty of "starving artists" flock to New York City every year. Somehow they manage to put a roof over their heads, and so can you.

When it comes to New York apartments for rent you're going to need some help finding the most property for the least amount of money. One of the best options is word of mouth. If you get the chance to move into one of the city's rent controlled buildings, consider yourself lucky. Otherwise, you'll have to consult the newspaper or Internet apartment finding resources.

Finding the Elusive New York Apartment for Rent

One of the best ways to find New York apartments for rent is to consult with a real estate listing service. You can find one through local real estate agencies, or you can opt for a private listing service online. These services offer you photos of the property and a complete listing of available rentals. Most sites charge a marginal fee, but it's worth it if you beat the competition to the best apartments.

If you're a property owner a listing service is a great way to ensure your apartments are rented as quickly as possible. When it comes to New York apartments for rent, the overhead is pretty high for property owners. You can list all your available rentals on one site. You can work exclusively with a listing service any time your rentals become available. These services are a great way to connect you directly with potential renters.

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LOL, there is no way in hell u can afford to rent even a siutdo if ur not working a full time job. 1 bedroom apartments start at a minimum of 2000 a month. In the building I manage they start at 3500. Secondly, no one will rent to you unless u have a guarentor, (provides proof that they make 50 times the monthly rent) income verification, bank statements and good credit. If you want to go to school in new york apply to NYU or Colombia or Fordham and get housing with them. thats the only way you will live in the city. good luck. its very expensive to live here but you could always live in brooklyn and commute which is much cheaper.