South Shore Real Estate

Written by Michael Federico
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South shore real estate encompasses a variety of properties and homes in both North Carolina and Virginia. Specifically, south shore real estate refers to the land at the shores of Lake Gaston. Homes can be found in a wide range of styles, sizes, and price ranges. Many home interiors come complete with fireplaces, modern kitchens, and backyards that are just steps away from golf courses.

Whether prospective buyers are looking for a place to vacation, a place to permanently relocate, or if they are simply looking for a motivated seller in hopes of finding a bargain, south shore real estate can be found to fit each person's specific needs. Many agents and brokers in the area are available seven days a week, ready to answer questions regarding all things Lake Gaston. Many have been in the area from its inception and have intimate knowledge of all the tiny details that make the community special.

South Shore Real Estate Properties on Lake Gaston

The shoreline of the lake is 350 miles long, and stretches out as far as the eye can see. The lake is man-made and was created in 1963. Soon after its appearance, people in the area realized it was perfect for weekend trips and relaxing excursions. It wasn't long before there were many full-fledged lakeside communities. Lakefront homes are tucked into the shade of verdant woods, offering a sense of seclusion in what is, at its core, a very connected community. Restaurants, B&Bs, historical tours, and year-round festivals bring the same vacationers back to Lake Gaston year after year.

Retiring in the Lake Gaston area also holds great appeal for many. South Shore real estate includes many properties for those who wish to permanently relocate to the lake upon retirement. There are events and activities specifically geared to the retirement community in the area, and affordable retirement properties can be found all around the lake.

South Shore Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Strong property values and a near constant supply of renters have made the south shore real estate a particularly solid investment. Many who choose to live on the lakefront also hold onto other properties in the area purely as investments. Opening the doors to seasonal renters provides short-term benefits, while tax breaks and value appreciation appeal to the long-term investor.

Many realtors offer services in which they work directly with investors in an attempt to establish goals and find a property that will best help them achieve those goals. Rate histories and growth potential are considered in the planning. This makes it easier to develop a specific investment scheme that best ensures economic growth.

Buying and Renting South Shore Real Estate

The Internet has allowed potential buyers around the country to access information on South Shore real estate. Websites are stocked with photos of available properties and their surrounding landscapes. Prospective buyers get a chance to see everything that is available, but they can also narrow in on homes that are affordable for them.

As Lake Gaston continues to grow, it continues to play host to every type of home available on the south shore real estate market. Many residents call homes in the area, "Property in Paradise," and it is not difficult to see why. The combination of natural beauty and strong community available in south shore real estate has created a truly unique atmosphere for locals and visitors, alike.

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