Free Real Estate Courses

Written by Rylee Newton
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Many real estate companies provide their agents with free real estate courses. This is a great way to ensure that agents and brokers are have access to the latest information on the rules and regulations governing the industry. If you're a real estate agent you can expect your company to provide you with an approved real estate course as part of the CE and renewal process.

Many online real estate education websites offer their loyal customers discounts. If you can't find free real estate courses, you can find some websites that will give you a considerable discount for referring students to their services. Many of these websites also offer you discounts when you return for refresher courses. They also offer discounts when you sign up for a number of courses over a period of time.

Finding Discounted and Free Real Estate Courses

If you take a real estate exam prep course you can find some schools that will offer you free real estate courses contingent on you passing the license exam. This money-back guarantee is a great incentive for anyone who has been thinking about taking the test for years. You literally have nothing to lose if you don't pass the test.

If you have to pay for your license renewal yourself, you can also find a number of cheap real estate license courses online. These courses offer you all the same study materials and testing opportunities as community real estate schools. Many websites are able to offer these courses at a reduction in price because they don't have to spend additional money and man-hours on publishing resource materials. It's always a good idea to make sure you're working with an approved real estate course provider before you spend any money.

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