Get My Real Estate License

Written by Rylee Newton
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When I decided to get my real estate license, I knew I wanted to find an online real estate school to help me pass the exam. A few years ago my brother had taken a course at a local community college, and he did not pass the test on the first attempt. I knew I wanted a new career, but I didn't have time to spend taking the test over and over again. I heard about an online course of study that guaranteed I would pass the first time.

The first thing I did when I decided to get my real estate license was log onto the Internet to do some basic research. I wanted to find out what the state requirements were, and exactly how much of a time commitment I would be making. At the time I was working full-time as an Administrative Assistant. I wanted to find a career that would provide me with financial stability, and would also let me have a little bit more freedom with my schedule.

Step One to a New Career: Get My Real Estate License

I knew I wanted to get my real estate license, but I wasn't sure what area of real estate I wanted to specialize in. When I began my online real estate course, I discovered some areas of interest. The preparation course was excellent for helping me identify areas where I was stronger than others. I took several practice tests in preparation for the final real estate license exam. This was a helpful tool, as it showed me my trouble areas.

After completing the course, I applied to take the state license exam. I knew I would be required to take an additional course to become certified in the state. After familiarizing myself with the general practices and procedures of the real estate industry, I decided to focus on real estate appraisal. I passed the exam with flying colors, and gained a new sense of confidence in my abilities. I found a job with a local real estate development company, and I have been working ever since.

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