Charleston Historic Homes

Written by Patricia Skinner
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As elsewhere in the South, Charleston homes are built to keep their inhabitants as cool as possible during the long, humid summers. Tall ceilings, elegant columns, wrap around verandas and lots of windows are the order of the day here. Majestic is not too grand a word to describe Charleston's homes. They are surely romantic.

Retreat From the Heat in Charleston Homes

In town you will find streets of town houses with canopies to protect passers by from the sun, and mazes of little alleyways that afford pedestrians shade from the heat of the day. Whether in or out of town, the unmistakable English and French influence evident throughout Charleston's architectural heritage is quite charming. If Gone With The Wind is your ideal for a way of life, you'll find the original right here in Charleston.

Preservation is a Priority

Charleston homes are such a unique and precious heritage that as early as 1920 the Preservation Society of Charleston was established to ensure that the buildings were preserved for generations to come. This society has the distinction of being the oldest grass roots preservation society in the United States. Although many of the 1,800 members live in Charleston's historic buildings themselves, the society has friends all over the world-some as far away as London.

The objects of the society are manifold. In addition to the straightforward preservation of buildings, their activities include persuading development consortiums to save historic buildings and sites, and to plan for the future by not building anything that is not in keeping with Charleston's unique style and charm. From the beauty and charm that is evident all around, it's obvious that this society has been singularly successful.

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