Charleston Restaurants

Written by Patricia Skinner
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America's South is famous for its home cooking and fine culinary traditions. Charleston, South Carolina is certainly no exception to the rule. As with the rest of the South, Charleston's cuisine is a mix of Southern, French, Spanish, Italian and Creole. Whatever you fancy, one of Charleston's restaurants has it.

Charleston Restaurants Southern Style

If Southern cooking is what you're after, then eat in style at Magnolia's at 185 E. Bay. This restaurant is described as "uptown down south." If you like the food, you can by an autographed copy of Chef Dan Barickman's cook book when you're finished eating. You will find a selection of traditional Southern dishes as Magnolia's. If you're looking for something a little more low-key, try Mickey's on the Market at 137 Market Street. They serve big Southern breakfasts all day long, and the bill will be a lot more modest!

If you're hankering for something a little more L.A. or New York, the place to go is the stylish Peninsula Grill at 112 North Market. With an elegant modern décor, the Peninsula Grill combines traditional and trendy food for a discerning palate. If you love Low Country fare, try the Pusser's Landing at the City Marina, at 17 Lockwood Drive, which also has wonderful views to offer diners.

Low Country Cuisine

Another place to enjoy Low Country cuisine is 82 Queen, which is at—you've guessed—82 Queen Street. In this classy setting, there are seven dining rooms to choose from, offering a selection of local dishes. If a good old Southern barbecue is what you need, then try Sticky Fingers at 235 Meeting Street. Here you'll find an amazing variety of different kinds of barbecue. Again, something for everyone. These last two places are both good family choices.

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