South Carolina Real Estate

Written by Patricia Skinner
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South Carolina is one of the thirteen original colonies, so South Carolina has a history like no other. The first settlers were Spanish and French explorers who arrived in the sixteenth century to find the land inhabited by small tribes of Native American Indians. In 1670 the first permanent English settlement was made in the area now known as Charleston.

The area quickly became one of the richest and most successful colonies, establishing a tradition of fine South Carolina real estate. The wealthy businessmen and landowners of the early days set fine traditions and precedents for estates and homes that are the pride of America even today.

South Carolina Real Estate Architecture

South Carolina is famous for its ante-bellum architecture. Ante-bellum isn't so much a style, as a time and place. The features we associate with ante-bellum architecture were introduced to the American South by Anglo-Americans who settled in the area after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Ante-bellum means "before the war" and refers to the grand style of estate home that was often built in the South before the Civil War, when fortunes of the big families of the South changed for a while.

Ante-Bellum Tradition

The tradition and heritage of Southern ante-bellum architecture has continued and still today many early examples of southern heritage can be seen, and even acquired. South Carolina real estate really is like no other in the United States. Nowhere else will you be able to find Carolina real estate that will enable you to live like the grand southern landowners of the romantic days before the Civil War.

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