Sullivans Island Real Estate

Written by Patricia Skinner
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If you've been successful in your life up till now, and you're looking for a home that reflects your achievements, then take a look at Sullivan's Island real estate. This exclusive community does not allow rentals, and commercial endeavors are few. In short, everything possible has been done to make sure that the beauty, peace and privacy that Sullivan's Island residents value, will be preserved.

Sullivan's Island Real Estate—For The Lucky Few

Older beach properties have been expertly renovated, preserving their charm and history. Porches are spacious and dreamy, and residents go about their business of pursuing leisure interests or enjoying the scenery uninterrupted by outsiders. Sullivan's Island real estate is expensive, but for rewards like these, whose counting the cost?

The beach at Sullivan's Island will amaze you. It is wide, unspoiled, and as nature intended. For sure it will be a feature of your new home that you and your family will value highly. Beaches like this are hard to come by these days—except on a desert island. There is a maritime forest that runs along the beach, and homes are set behind this. It gives the beach a deserted, other-world feel. You'll love it!

Time Stands Still

Like other areas of Charleston, Sullivan's Island has its fair share of history. Battles against British war ships took place here. It was also the scene of battles during the Civil War. The Island looks out over Fort Sumpter, James Island and Fort Johnson. Time does, indeed, stand still for those lucky enough to acquire Sullivan's Island real estate.

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