Brentwood Tennessee Homes

Written by Shirley Parker
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Brentwood Tennessee homes go back to the early days of the frontier. The existing community of farmers and planters suffered greatly during the Civil War, as did most of Tennessee. Even residents who lived in the sleepy, then unincorporated, community as late as 1920 would be amazed at the growth of the area, from approximately 835 persons at that time to over 25,000 now. Williamson County, in which Brentwood is located, has roughly 137,000 residents today.

Many antebellum era homes survived decades of neglect but have been restored through the generosity of later owners and others. They stand today as symbols of a time and place long gone, but also anchor new neighborhoods in many areas of Brentwood. Some restored homes include Ashlawn, Cool Springs House, Inglehame, Liberty Hill Farm, and Twenty-Four Trees.

Today Brentwood Tennessee homes continue to reach record levels in residential development numbers. City planners pay careful attention to the increasing water and sewer needs by upgrading and expanding facilities in an effective and cost effective manner. The River Oaks water pump station is on the schedule for being replaced and relocated in 2004. Building activity is occurring in existing and newly annexed eastern areas.

Brentwood Tennessee Homes Are Upscale

With residents having what is thought to be the highest per capita income in the state, the quality of life and of Brentwood Tennessee homes is on the upper end of the price scale. The green spaces, shopping selection, and schools are highly rated and prized. Other permitted areas of development to accommodate the growing population include church expansions, retail establishments, and restaurants.

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