Davidson County Real Estate

Written by Shirley Parker
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Davidson County real estate covers 502 square miles of houses, condominiums, cottages, apartments, and other living styles in Middle Tennessee. For someone new to the county, that's a lot of territory to scout for a clean, safe place to live, but dozens of realtors, agents, and brokers stand ready to help. Whether you're the kind of soul who likes vibrant nightlife and wants to be near the historic areas that border downtown Nashville or the reserved sort who'd like peace and quiet, there's definitely something here that's eminently suitable.

All price ranges and types of living accommodations are available in Davidson County real estate. If your pocketbook extends to a 30s cottage near Shelby Park and Titans Stadium where you have a large fenced lot for the kids' swing set and the dog, there'll be one for you to check out. Looking for a newer apartment near the Cumberland River for a single person or an uncluttered couple? Need a 3-bedroom, 3-bath, 2,100-square foot condominium in diverse Bellevue that has room for an in-law suite? Real estate agents will find one for you.

Green grass, trees, and parks exist everywhere you look in Middle Tennessee. In between ranch communities and horse farms are contemporary bluff houses, planned communities with homeowners' associations to negotiate with, and comfortable senior citizens' independent and assisted living facilities. Not to be overlooked are the condos, townhouses, and apartments available in Davidson County real estate.

What if I Don't Like My Davidson County Real Estate Agent?

Use the Internet to research the professionals in Davidson County, and also ask colleagues, friends, relatives or neighbors, who may have lived in the area, for their recommendations. If the agent you sign with seems too eager, he or she may be inexperienced but will make up for that with enthusiasm. However, if time is short, state what your specifics are. With most working 70+ hours a week, agents appreciate considerate clients. If the chemistry isn't quite right, you can always choose someone else.

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