Downtown Nashville Real Estate

Written by Shirley Parker
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Downtown Nashville real estate is filled with historic neighborhoods, some of them on the National Register of Historic Places. These Metro areas include Downtown, Midtown, East End, Edgeville, plus Germantown on the northern edge, and Hillsboro-West End to the southwest that spans two council districts. Other early neighborhoods have also been preserved or redeveloped near the core of Nashville.

Urban pioneers care deeply about their neighborhoods and a great deal of hard work is going on with the renovations. Many homes fall into the cottage classification since they are smaller dwellings built in earlier times. East Nashville as it is called, lies across the Cumberland River. Edgefield survived a disastrous fire in 1916 and still is home to many antebellum buildings, though over 600 homes and other establishments were lost.

In addition to restored early-style homes, new single-family homes are being constructed in the historic neighborhoods that comprise downtown Nashville real estate. Some historic styles include Queen Anne, Eastlake, Colonial Revival, American Foursquares and what used to be called worker's cottages. Other styles are described as bungalows.

By 1928 Downtown Nashville Real Estate Needed a Suburb

The Cherokee Park Neighborhood was the direct result of a downtown Nashville that was doing well economically and the availability of automobiles and electric streetcars to provide transportation to and from a suburb. For the first time, Nashville developers planned curving streets without sidewalks instead of straight streets with sidewalks in a grid design, and driveways instead of alleys. Downtown Nashville Real Estate had entered a new phase.

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