Middle Tennessee Homes

Written by Shirley Parker
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Middle Tennessee homes are being built so rapidly that the environment is changing weekly. The green grass and green trees are still there, thanks to Tennesseans' love of their lush rolling countryside that contrasts with mountainous East Tennessee and flat West Tennessee. Planning committees throughout Middle Tennessee make sure there'll still be lots of parks and open spaces due to restrictions in the building codes in newer communities.

Yet traffic is heavier than anyone remembers and people continue to migrate from the rural areas to the music, bright lights and other tempting cultural attractions of major metropolitan areas like Nashville. Those who want or need to live near downtown will find a good selection of often charming, historical small homes and apartments from which to choose. Most are within walking distance of shops, entertainment, and restaurants serving many different cuisines, which is sometimes not the case in some suburban areas.

New residents from other states are snapping up Middle Tennessee homes in all price ranges, but especially, they are buying the more comfortable, newer homes. Given the inexcusably outrageous cost of housing on both coasts, sellers there are amazed at how much more house or how many more amenities their dollars will buy in Middle Tennessee homes. Often, the most exciting prospect is having large closets in every bedroom, rather than dinky ones that only hold a few dozen clothes hangers.

Middle Tennessee Homes Can Have a Park Setting

Imagine a home sitting on 5 cleared acres. A creek flows through it with trees growing on both banks: Oaks, White Pines, Red Buds, and Dogwoods. Fruit trees are mature, and the house of dreams sits 500 feet back from a busy highway. Or perhaps the scene dissolves into a horse farm ... .

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