Nashville Condominiums

Written by Shirley Parker
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Nashville condominiums may present a very affordable alternative to owning a house with its large yard to maintain and other chores such as outside painting. Many homeowners enjoy the work that goes along with a house and find it therapeutic, but often career responsibilities interfere with the best of intentions. Almost all real estate agents handle condos and know where the most attractive new buildings are, as well as the well-maintained units that have had the same owners for years.

Nashville condominiums are low maintenance, have enhanced security, and provide the use of recreational facilities like tennis courts, swimming pools, meeting rooms, and exercise rooms that a person would not be able to pay for on an individual basis. Since the prospective owner is not purchasing the land underneath, prices are lower, and a better neighborhood is often suddenly affordable. A person considering a condominium should be aware that he or she would only own the space between the walls. In partnership with all the other owners, they would jointly own the exterior walls, roof, foundation, and those recreational amenities.

Payment of a monthly condominium association fee is required for Nashville condominiums, as it is elsewhere. This covers maintenance and repairs to the common areas, except for something huge like a new roof. In that case, a special assessment fee is charged. Membership on the board of the condominium association or at least attendance at all meetings, which should always be Open to all residents, is highly recommended.

Individual Features of Nashville Condominiums

Each condominium complex has its own flavor and style. Some offer 2-bedroom, 2-baths units with formal living and dining rooms that might never have seemed possible in a house. Beautiful landscaping usually surrounds each unit. Unlike most apartments, small pets may be allowed, or one larger, well-behaved pet. In either case, the owner will be responsible for keeping pets under control at all times and absolutely must clean up after them outdoors. Most complexes are child-friendly; others are for those 55 and over.

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