Nashville Home Sellers

Written by Shirley Parker
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Nashville home sellers are of all stripes. Most engage the services of a realty company to present their home to the public. Others have the stamina and fortitude to deal with strangers knocking on the door at all hours. An Open House is best left for a professional to handle alone, although if kids and pets can be sent to Grandma's house for the day, it is sometimes OK for the owner to be present.

Whatever approach Nashville home sellers take, the house or condo must be clean and uncluttered. That means getting rid of stuff, not just shoving it into a closet or the garage. Rental of a public storage unit may be a smart move. A professional cleaning service needs to scour the house thoroughly after removal of junk, old magazines, toiletries on the bathroom vanity, kitchen clutter, ugly furniture, or anything that would draw attention to itself.

Next comes a fresh coat of paint, whenever possible, followed by silk or fresh flowers and plants inside and outside the house. Strong fragrances should be avoided. (Think allergies.) Allow lots of natural light into the home. When the house looks so pretty, it will almost seem a shame to put it on the market. In fact, Nashville home sellers face even greater stress than buyers, since they essentially have to stop living in their own home. Everything must be kept spotless for when the next buyer comes to look.

Nashville Home Sellers Sometimes Move First and Sell Later

Given the stress of getting a house ready for sale, and a new purchase being dependent on selling the existing home, it's always a boon to be able to move into the new place first, taking all possessions with you and arranging for cleaning through the agent. If there's any way to do this, a seller will come out ahead, assuming the move isn't too many miles away. Finances won't always permit this but if an employer can help when transferring employees, let them.

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