Nashville Luxury Homes

Written by Shirley Parker
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Nashville luxury homes have been built over several decades, with more going up when the economy was expanding. Even with many Tennessee jobs now flowing overseas, as is happening throughout the U.S., Nashville luxury homes are still selling well. Such an active market is aided by the diversified economy in the Nashville Metro area. It is after all, Music City, USA, as well as the Athens of the South.

An additional factor beneficial to the real estate market is that people are selling more expensive homes in the coastal states and using their profits to buy Nashville homes now, or at very least to purchase vacant land, perhaps near a lake, on which to put a manufactured home, against future retirement in Tennessee. The pull of the land is strong, and many Tennesseans are not only dreaming of returning home, but are telling newfound friends what a healthy, beautiful place it is to live.

The higher priced homes in Nashville truly are luxurious, with appointments not found in the smaller and equally lovely residences. Most cooks thoroughly enjoy a large, sunny kitchen with all the modern appliances built in. Elevators between floors are a great boon to those with health problems. Hidden sound systems, central vacuum systems, remote-controlled gates, exercise rooms with complete gym equipment, and networked computer systems for home offices are all possible.

Nashville Luxury Homes within 600 Miles of 50% of the U.S. Population

Of interest to many people is that Nashville luxury homes and other neighborhoods are said to be within 600 miles of fifty percent of the United States population. If census figures truly back that up, and it sounds plausible, the prairie, mountain, and desert states with their greater land mass are still largely empty by comparison. Tennessee, with a land and water area of 42,146 square miles (36th of the 50 states) has a population of about 6 million.

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