Nashville Real Estate Listings

Written by Shirley Parker
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Nashville real estate listings are available in many formats, including the traditional and handy real estate sections of the newspaper. These can be folded, marked up with pen and ink, and carried along, after any necessary phone calls are made, to do a drive-by of interesting properties. Getting an in-person sense of a street and its atmosphere is very important, as long as the neighborhood's overall reputation is that it's safe to be driving around there.

Other Nashville real estate listings are available through MLS, the Multiple Listing Service. An agent or broker will have access to these. However, there are online services through which prospective buyers can find a listing, even if the MLS number isn't known. It's entirely possible to view homes for sale by entering parameters of interest: price, lot size, number of bedrooms, schools in the area, and so forth.

To further assist the buyer, especially those from out of town, various online services enable anonymous (for the inquirer) comparison of real estate agents and specialties, and may also list foreclosures. Agents and brokers are competitive, as always, but they also cooperate with one another. Actually signing up with more than one office at the same time is not a good idea. It's a waste of both agents' time to show any houses under those circumstances, and they will each refer the buyer to the other agent.

Adding a Home to Nashville Real Estate Listings

A seller can list a home in the newspaper classified ads or approach a real estate agent to get the house added to Nashville real estate listings. Or again, online services can help. In at least one instance, payment of a one-time $40 fee will get the property listed with photos until it is sold or leased. Anyone with Internet access can view the listing, making it available to possible buyers no matter where they live.

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