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Written by Amy Hall
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Austin, the capital city of Texas, is undeniably one of the country's hottest tourist attractions. Austin is a city made up of beautiful hills, valleys, and lakes, with a flair for urban culture. Austin can also be referred to as the state's intellectual center, as it houses The University of Texas, as well as many of the country's high-tech companies.

Austin--The Live Music Capital of the World

Austin, a high tech city that also boasts rich cultural heritage, has been deemed the "Live Music Capital of the World." More than 12 million people travel to Austin every year to experience it's unique blend of natural beauty, progressive industry, and world-class live entertainment. Tourists who travel to this city are constantly reminded of the ever-present spirit of artistic expression, with live musical venues that nourish the soul. More and more people are leaving their homes, and traveling to Austin to set up residency. It is a city that offers a little something for everyone: culture, music, food, and good, old Texas fun!

A City Built for Exploring

Austin has such a diverse quality to it, that it is no wonder why people are flocking here to call this colorful city home. Austin is home to many of the countries biggest high tech companies, making it a perfect place to settle down for employees of these big businesses. It is a city that offers outdoor recreation, as it contains two lakes within the city limits, and five more to the northwest of Austin. These lakes make up the Highland Lakes chain, and are very popular for boating, swimming, and water skiing.

Austin also has mild winter climates which attracts visitors from the cold Northern states during the winter season. Unlike Dallas and Houston, it's fast paced counterparts to the north, the city of Austin Texas maintains a laid-back, small town ambience. To the delight of both professionals and outdoor enthusiasts, Austin happily supports both cultures with ease.

Making Austin Texas Home

Austin has so much to offer, from the University of Texas to many high tech companies to a rich musical culture, that practically everyone can find a slice of happiness here. Finding Austin Texas homes can be viewed as challenging, but certainly it does not have to be without fun.

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