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Written by Gregg Ruais
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Internet MLS listings, which are searchable through many real estate agent websites, are an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to purchase a new home. Most people have a general idea of what type of home they want and can afford. The most convenient internet home locators filter out thousands of homes that do not meet people's needs and show them only what fits their specifications.

Using an Internet Home Locator

Say, for example, you're searching for a three-bedroom home located on the water that costs less than $250,000. An online form, provided by a real estate agent, allows you to choose from multiple options in just about every category applicable to real estate. You select the price you want to pay, how many rooms you want, which towns you would prefer to live in, and several other important options as well.

There may be 10,000 homes for sale where you want to live, most of which bear no relevance to your search because they either lack the amenities you desire or are out of your price range. An internet locator service, however, saves you the time of reading about all those houses you either don't want or can't have. Instead, you see only the homes within the profile you have specified.

If the search yields too many results, that's great. You can always get pickier and search again. Try finding a home that's much less expensive than your original target price, or look for a house that offers additional space. Conversely, if the MLS listings do not contain any homes that meet your expectations, repeat the search but look for homes in a different town. Because internet home locators are so efficient and simple, you can conduct dozens of searches and browse through thousands of listings within an hour.

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