Island Living

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Padre Island features the longest stretch of uninhabited barrier beach in the country. The island is 110 miles long, and 80 of those miles remain completely untouched by man. The white sand beaches and gentle Gulf of Mexico surf form a picturesque coastline. The natural beauty of the land makes Padre Island one of the most serene locations in the world.

Natural Attractions on Padre Island

Common Padre Island pastimes include fishing, sailing, and windsurfing in the Gulf of Mexico. Many houses are located right on the water, and the people who live in those homes can dock their boats right in their own backyards. Whenever they feel the urge, they jump in their boats and head out to sea.

In addition to the water, the hiking trails on Padre Island are a major draw. It's not uncommon to come across coyotes and exotic lizards during hiking trips. Every year, thousands of bird watchers flock to Padre Island to view over 350 species of birds that use the island as a rest stop on their southward winter migration.

The Island gets extremely hot during the summertime, but the water is always nearby and offers a respite from the heat. Wintertime is the Padre Island busy season. People who live up north escape the cold by vacationing in this coastal paradise. Many people only live on Padre Island during the winter, because they can't take the heat that summer brings.

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