Laguna Madre Fishing

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Laguna Madre is located on the north side of Padre Island. This body of water has a high salt content and is very shallow, ranging from three to five feet deep. Laguna Madre is loaded with fish, so much so that some fishing charters guarantee people that they will catch something. The best fishing companies provide nearly all the materials people need, such as fishing poles, bait, ice buckets, and several other necessities.

The Beauty of Laguna Madre Fishing

Redfish, spotted trout, drum, and flounder are among the most prevalent and coveted fish in the laguna. All of these species taste great, and the flavor is even more delicious to the people who struggle to reel these fish onto their boats. These fish are all fairly sizable. Not only do they make great meals, they're also perfect for picture taking.

Human beings aren't the only ones who have realized that Laguna Madre is a great place for fishing. Birds from all over the world have also taken notice, and you can watch them dive into the water for their food. Thousands of redhead ducks migrate to Laguna Madre during the wintertime. Other local birds include Canada geese, pintails, and canvasbacks, to name just a few.

A fishing expedition on Laguna Madre is a great idea for family vacations, bachelor parties, and business trips. Catching fish as a group is a bonding experience that people never forget. Fishing is a battle between man and nature, but a group fishing trip is full of camaraderie and togetherness.

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