Mustang Island Real Estate

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Mustang Island, the barrier island separating Corpus Christi Bay from the Gulf of Mexico, is attached to Padre Island. Mustang Island is known for its tall sand dunes, bird watching, and wind surfing. It's a truly beautiful island that appeals to people who enjoy the serenity of nature, and the beach in particular.

Mustang Island Is an Inexpensive Natural Paradise

It's often difficult to find homes on Mustang Island, so most people live in Corpus Christi and travel to Mustang Island either by ferry or the Aransas Pass. Corpus Christi homes are available in a wide variety of sizes. With the help of an online home locating service, just about everyone can find something they can afford.

If all you need is a small space in which to live, there are plenty of 600-square-foot homes that cost well under $75,000. A 30-year mortgage on one of those houses requires monthly payments less than $450. That's a miniscule bill to pay if you're willing to live in a smaller place located in one of the world's most beautiful areas.

Just about all island activities revolve around nature. People who need an escape from city life will find no better warm-weather paradise than this island. Wind surfing on the island, for example, ranks among the best in the world. You will find no better place for bird watching, nor will you find more fertile waters for fishing than the Gulf of Mexico.

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