San Marcos Texas

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Thanks to it's proximity to Austin, San Marcos offers all the benefits of a small town with none of the associated inconveniences. Residents of other smallish Texas towns may lack fine restaurants, clubs, and excellent parks and recreation options. But this is not the case with San Marcos.

Being less than 30 miles southwest of what can arguably be referred to as the coolest city in the state, residents of San Marcos can easily enjoy a lower cost of living and lower crime rate, while still being within half an hour of some of the finest galleries, museums, restaurants, nightclubs, and music venues the state has to offer. But San Marcos is more than just a bedroom community to Austin. Thanks to the local university, San Marcos boasts its own abundant culture.

San Marcos Texas: A River Runs through It

In addition to the many possibilities of amusement, San Marcos is home to an excellent local infrastructure. This is one city that appreciates the grace, beauty and social opportunities presented by its very topography. The San Marcos River, for which the city is named, runs through the town and is graced with beautiful walking trails, biking trails, parks, Frisbee fields and more.

Another key advantage to San Marcos is its relatively low cost of living. According to published sources, $40 thousand dollars in San Marcos feels like $80 thousand in Boston or $110 thousand in New York. Furthermore, lifestyle costs like food, transportation, utilities, and housing are all well below the national average. For those considering a move to Texas, San Marcos makes a compelling argument for itself.

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