Texas Hill Country Houses

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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There are as many types of Texas Hill Country houses as there are wildflowers in her fields. It's hardly surprising. Texas Hill Country is filled with bustling thriving communities. Bustling thriving communities have money. And those with money build beautiful homes.

Since the 1800s, Texas Hill Country residents have had access to cash. Originally cattle money, then transportation, then oil, then textiles, then manufacturing, and now technology and tourism, the financial side of Texas Hill Country is in tip-top shape. Couple that with a historically low cost of living, locally plentiful building materials and qualified, talented labor, and you've got a recipe for beautiful homes, built well and built to last. Though there are some planned developments that feature row after row of similarly designed cookie-cutter condos, by and large, the homes in Texas Hill Country represent a fine array of the best architectural styles found anywhere in the country.

Parade of Homes

Within San Marcos, Texas alone, a simple drive down nearly any shady lane will allow passers-by to feast their eyes on beautiful white clapboard farmhouses over a hundred years old; on stately and dignified Tudors with lead glass windows; and on rambling Arts and Crafts masterpieces complete with ornate, mathematically precise woodwork. Newer neighborhoods may feature Italianate villas complete with terra cotta roofs and Juliet windows on a one-acre lot next to a traditional wood-frame Colonial.

Not all the standout homes are mansions, of course. Contemporary architects working in Texas Hill Country recognize that today's families are smaller, yet their entertainment and leisure needs are greater. Many of the most intriguing new homes feature traditional exteriors with modern floorplans. Fewer bedrooms and larger living areas are standard in many new homes in Texas Hill Country. Whether your dream is a little stone cottage, a spic and span white farmhouse, a rose brick French provincial with white dutch doors, or a Cape Cod-style cottage, chances are great that it exists waiting for you in Texas Hill Country.

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