Texas Hill Country Real Estate

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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The aptly named Texas Hill Country covers nearly 15,000 rolling acres. The gateway to Hill Country is Austin, Texas; its southwestern edge is San Antonio. In between, the Hill Country is made up of 45 towns, areas and communities, many of which offer up their own specific brand of Texas welcome.

When those unfamiliar with the beauties of Hill Country think of Texas, what may spring to mind are large, flat vistas. Nothing could be further from the reality of this region. Tall oaks and towering cypresses rise from green, gently rolling hills. Lakes, rivers, springs and caverns cover the area. The wildflowers create a dazzling display of colors in spring and summer, and fall presents itself in regal colors and hues which can be literally breathtaking in their splendor.

What Is Texas Hill Country?

In rural areas, the woods are full of all variety of wildlife. Deer, mockingbirds, armadillos, raccoons, jackrabbits, and wild turkey are but a few of the critters of the country. In fact, many otherwise extremely rare animals are found in this region, including bobcats, mountain lions, and even cougars in spring and fall as they make their migratory journeys to and from Mexico.

But Hill Country is more than just a visit to a Wild Kingdom. In addition to the major cities of Austin and San Antonio, there are also dozens of interesting, smaller communities. Fredericksburg, for instance, was founded by German settlers and continues to have a distinctly European feel; nearby Kerrville is reported to have the most ideal climate in the entire country; and San Marcos is the home of the San Marcos River and Texas State University. These are but three of the fully realized communities within Texas Hill Country. There are others, too: tourist towns, rustic towns, artist towns, and even bona fide cowboy towns. Each offers its own unique charm to potential residents. It's this diversity of topography, biology, and local personality that makes Texas Hill Country real estate so attractive to its 915,000 residents.

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