Texas Hill Country Realtors

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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The Texas Hill Country spans a large area. Over 14,000 acres are contained within its borders, including the cities of Austin, San Marcos and San Antonio. As a result, knowing which region of this beautiful area you're most interested in investing in is a critical first step.

Obviously, one should choose a Realtor with a firsthand knowledge of the area. It's not enough to just have access to a database. The most effective Realtors are those who know their regions like the backs of their hands. The better they know their area, the more they are going to be able to identify exactly what it is you're looking for. If you're specifically interested in the city of San Antonio or Austin and their immediate environs, then it makes the most sense to look for a Texas Hill Country Realtor that's based out of one of those cities.

One Hill Country, 34 Counties

If, however, you are interested in San Marcos, Texas, you'd probably be best served by a Hays County Realtor. Granted, Hays County does include Austin, but where an Austin Realtor would probably be most familiar with the availabilities in town, a Hays County Realtor would need to be familiar with the entire region. For instance, a Realtor who specializes in Hays County would be highly familiar with Austin and San Marcos, as well as the 15 other communities within the area.

If you're specifically interested in lake properties in Texas Hill Country, one might search out Realtors who boast a specialty in properties near Canyon Lake in Comal County, Inks Lake in Burnet County, Lake Buchanan in Llano County, etc. Many Realtors may in fact be lake property specialists. Though of course one consults with a professional Realtor in order to take advantage of his or her knowledge, really knowing what you want can make realizing your goals that much easier.

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