Texas State University In San Marcos

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Texas State University in San Marcos is one of the more appealing centers of higher education in the state. In an effort to change its image from "party school" to that of a serious center of education, it also changed its name. Once known as Southwest Texas State, she is now known simply as Texas State. But the changes are more than just "name-deep"; in addition to receiving praise across all departments, Texas State is garnering national attention for offering one of the finest Teacher Education programs in the entire country.

Quality Education in a Beautiful Environment

It's true: the Texas State Teacher Education program is considered one of the top three in the US. Furthermore, the College of Education is number one in the state for teacher certification. Texas State University also earns high marks for its Writing Program in the College of Liberal Arts, and the geology department is quite respected, receiving multi-million dollar grants on nearly an annual basis.

The campus is praised for being beautiful, though somewhat difficult to navigate. Frequently mentioned as a drawback, construction appears to be ongoing to support the ever growing student body. As a result, parking can be problematic, and detours are a frequent headache. On the plus side, the campus is situated around the beautiful San Marcos riverbank, and dotted with pecan and other local varietal trees. The hilly terrain makes it very picturesque, but not easy to walk for the out of shape or physically challenged.

Social life at Texas State University is said to be highly satisfactory. Clubs, music venues, movie theaters, fine restaurants, casual eateries, coffee shops and such abound. Of course, there's a vibrant Greek life for those who enjoy it. In short, Texas State University in San Marcos has the goods to make the grade.

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