Winter Texans

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Many retirees who have lived in the northern states their entire lives face a difficult decision. Should they stay up north, where their kids and grandchildren reside, or should they move someplace where the weather is always warm and the residents never worry about getting snowed in? A group of people called Winter Texans have found the perfect balance between family and leisure.

Wintertime in Texas

They live close to their families during the spring, summer, and early fall, then migrate to Texas vacation homes to avoid the blizzards and freezing temperatures that winter brings. While people back home are shoveling snow from their driveways, the Winter Texans are enjoying 70-degree weather. They fish, play golf, and focus on enjoying life rather than staying warm.

Whether they own homes in Dallas, Houston, Padre Island, or several other Texas hot spots, the Winter Texans are often visited by friends and family who want to escape the cold themselves. Texas offers thousands of attractions and entertainment options. Southern Texas features many miles of beautiful beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. Dallas, to name just one of the Lone Star State's great cities, features some of the country's best restaurants, a vibrant nightlife scene, and high-end shopping.

The Winter Texans get to enjoy retirement to its fullest by spending plenty of time with family and avoiding those dreadful mornings when the only thing there is to do is shovel snow for hours. They enjoy being Texans, because few states take as much pride in their identity as Texas. In addition to all the fun people have in Texas, the real estate is very affordable compared to other vacation destinations.

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