Albemarle County Land For Sale

Written by Serena Berger
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Are you looking for Albemarle County land for sale? There is beautiful land available, undeveloped, with beautiful views, fertile soil, and breathtaking landscapes. The red clay soil of Albemarle County has been home to some of the most momentous figures and events in our nation's history; there is no question that it worthy of your dream home, farm, or estate.

There is currently a fair amount of Albemarle County land for sale. There are smaller plots suitable for family homes, as well as much larger stretches on which equestrian estates could be built. Albemarle County is becoming increasingly upscale, and is dedicated to continuing growth.

Investing in Albemarle County Land for Sale

Because Albemarle County is primarily concerned with growth and because of its already historic status, buying land there is a sound investment. In 2003, Albemarle County real estate taxes were $.76 per $100 value and personal property taxes were $4.28 per $100 value. In general, Albemarle's economy has gone from cows to horses--increasingly upscale.

There is Albemarle County land for sale with views of some of the most beautiful natural sites in the country. The James River, The Rivanna River, and the Blue Ridge Mountains are among the vistas which could be visible from your home. The Internet will become a valuable resource as your seek to learn more about this historic region and the land upon which your dream home could be built.

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