Fluvanna County Real Estate

Written by Serena Berger
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Fluvanna County real estate is lovely, reasonably priced real estate in central Virginia. Fluvanna County's population, in the low-mid 20,000s as of 2004, is growing rapidly; in fact, it is the second fastest growing county in Virginia. While Fluvanna is still mostly rural, greater population density may be found at Lake Monticello and Palmyra, the most scenic and historic areas, respectively.

Fluvanna County is located in the Piedmont Plateau, and is characterized by gently rolling hills. Roughly two-thirds of the county's land is forested, with most open land devoted to farming and grazing. The climate is moderate to mild, and well suited to farming and animal husbandry.

Locations Accessible from Fluvanna County Real Estate

Fluvanna County is located in the heart of central Virginia. Approximately 25 miles east of Charlottesville, 60 miles west of Richmond, and 120 miles south of Washington, D.C., it is reasonable for a commute to the former city, and excursions to the latter cities. There are also beautiful vistas from many pieces of Fluvanna County real estate, as the county is bounded on the south by the James River, and traversed by the Rivanna.

History buffs and Palmyra residents take pride in the historical aspects of the town. Interesting architecture and a tranquil atmosphere greet visitors along Main Street, and the proximity to Thomas Jefferson's Monticello is an added bonus. Those seeking homes or hoping to have a small farm will find Fluvanna County real estate affordable and charming.

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