Gordonsville Real Estate

Written by Serena Berger
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Gordonsville real estate is stunning, elegant, and quite limited. Prices there are significantly lower than in the neighboring towns of Charlottesville and Orange, though the quality of living is comparable. As a result, people are snapping up available properties at a prodigious rate.

Gordonsville is a small town; there are fewer than 2,000 residents. Crime is almost non-existent, the landscapes are stunning, and the buildings are equally lovely. Horse farms and late-18th century Georgian manors abound in Gordonsville real estate. There are also new developments under contract.

The Community that Comes with Gordonsville Real Estate

This intimate, serene community is comprised of residential, commercial, and church buildings. The town was named for Nathaniel Gordon, a late 18th-century innkeeper, whose tavern was enjoyed by such prominent statesmen as Thomas Jefferson and the Marquis de Lafayette. There is also a noteworthy theater group, the Four County Players, who make their home in Gordonsville and put on high-quality productions.

Gordonsville's current real estate tax is $.17/$100 assessed value, which is also lower than many surrounding areas. Yet the views of the mountains and rivers here are as lovely as all the surrounding communities, and the resources of the cities are just as close. Gordonsville real estate is a fantastic investment; use the Internet to guide you to particular properties that are available today!

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