Nelson County Real Estate

Written by Serena Berger
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Nelson County real estate often has a rustic quality. Woodlands and mountain ridges are left intact by builders, and homes look as though they are at peace with the natural world, not in opposition to it. The views from the homes on the mountains and plains increase the sense of rural tranquility that comes with Nelson County real estate.

The county itself is located on the eastern slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains and bordered on the east by the James River. This makes for varied and stunning landscapes. Hills, plains, and waterfront properties are all possible in Nelson County real estate.

The Character of Nelson County Real Estate

Nelson County real estate is largely rural, and often used for agriculture and livestock (primarily beef). The higher elevations in the county are suited for orchards, where apples, peaches, and wine grapes are grown. The flavor of the wine grapes is considered exceptional.

Nelson County is 30 miles from Charlottesville, the nearest major city. While residents can go to the city for various needs and cultural experiences, tourists come to Nelson County to tour vineyards and orchards, fish in trout streams, or rest at country inns. One famous place to get away from it all is the Wintergreen Resort, which features golf, tennis, skiing, and a spa. The presence of such charming vistas, history, and the Wintergreen Resort all increase the value and desirability of Nelson County real estate.

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Interesting Market Conditions

Each county has its own market conditions.