Rockbridge County Real Estate

Written by Serena Berger
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Rockbridge County real estate is varied and includes something for everyone. Rockbridge is slightly farther west from Charlottesville than other counties. Land here is more affordable in general, while the beauties of Virginia land are still abundant.

Views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Allegheny Mountains are not uncommon from Rockbridge County real estate. Depending on the exact location, horse farming is possible, as is raising cattle, crops, or cutting timber. Wooded areas and open areas are both found in Rockbridge County real estate.

Natural Wonders Near Rockbridge County Real Estate

Rockbridge was named for Natural Bridge, a giant stone arch that was surveyed by George Washington and first owned by Thomas Jefferson. Rockbridge County features several other attractions, as well. House Mountain, Balcony Falls, and Goshen Pass--a beautiful canyon through which the Maury River flows--lend stunning natural appeal to Rockbridge County real estate.

As a region, Rockbridge is more difficult to categorize than some other areas or counties in Virginia. It is, however, likely to offer many attributes that you desire--four distinct seasons, a comfortable, laid-back way of life, and the beautiful scenery. Try looking around on the Internet to view specific properties available in Rockbridge.

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