Shadwell Real Estate

Written by Serena Berger
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Shadwell real estate is limited to a few small neighborhoods encircling the Glenmore Country Club. The town of Shadwell is just minutes east of Charlottesville, and many people do not realize it is a distinct town from Keswick. It is, however, and is noteworthy particularly because it is the birthplace of Thomas Jefferson.

Peter Jefferson had his home built in the early 1700s and named it after the parish where his wife, Jane Randolf, had been christened. The Jeffersons raised six children at Shadwell, among them their son Thomas. In 1770, the house burned down, along with Jefferson memorabilia which today would have been priceless had it survived.

Exclusive Shadwell Real Estate

The small area--scant square miles--around the old Jefferson estate Shadwell is now an exclusive neighborhood. The country cottages and elegant estates are rarely available for purchase. When available, they priced to reflect their luxuriousness.

The Glenmore Country Club, to which most owners of Shadwell real estate belong, is world class. The amenities and facilities such as golf, tennis, and fine dining are tremendous incentives for many people to live there and belong. While it is rare that you would have the opportunity to acquire Shadwell real estate, you might want to keep returning to the Internet to see if something has become available.

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