Small Farming In Central Virginia

Written by Serena Berger
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Small farming in central Virginia is a viable option for many people looking to relocate. The region is known for its fertile soil and optimal climate for a number of crops or animals. There is also a great deal of land for sale, as well as established farms.

A seven-month growing season is optimal for many crops. The region is known for tobacco, grains, and in some areas, orchards. There are also a number of animals tended in the area--particularly cattle, hogs, and horses.

The Advantages of Small Farming in Central Virginia

In addition to the suitability of the land and climate, taxes are very low in this area. This is a tremendous benefit if you are looking to run a small farm. The local government is extremely supportive of the enterprise.

Small farming in central Virginia is both a wise investment and a source of tranquility and joy. Many families relocate to enjoy small farming in central Virginia, and find it easy to learn if they were not already involved in operating a small farm. Some properties are historic, and thus come with the pride and responsibility of being a part of our country's impressive heritage for landowners.

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