Apartments For Sale In Washington Dc

Written by James Lyons
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A number of Washington residents are buying up apartments for sale in Washington DC. There's nothing like actually living in DC. I had the privilege of living in the greatest city in the world for over four years. Granted I spent much of that time recovering from hangovers, but I still found the time to explore this remarkably gorgeous and entertaining city.

Instead of buying homes, a number of Washington's young professionals are purchasing apartments for sale in Washington DC. Many of DC's famous brownstone building contain some of the city's best apartments. These apartments offer space, great views, and close Metro stops. Moreover, buyers aren't forced to pay the sometimes ridiculous property taxes come tax time.

Apartments for Sale in Washington DC and Other Surrounding Neighborhoods

Northern Virginia boasts some of the best apartments for sale in Washington DC's metropolitan area. The Courthouse Plaza in Arlington, Virginia has become one of the most popular places to live, especially for young professionals. The real estate in this area is enjoying great success and the people living there are enjoying the great bars and restaurants.

When looking for apartments for sale in Washington DC or one of its neighboring communities, look to see how close the apartment building is to a metro stop. If you have a car, you might not need it. I lived in Arlington Virginia for a year and literally lived on top of the Courthouse Plaza Metro stop. Instead of owning a car, I put my money into an apartment. Real estate, for the most part, is an appreciating asset. An automobile is a depreciating asset. The choice was an easy one.

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