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Written by James Lyons
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Check the property listings covering the Rock Creek Park Historic District. Rock Creek Park is a natural reserve that falls within a thickly urbanized area and in Washington DC, making it an unusual strip of land. Unlike other United States parks designed during the 19th century (New York City's Central Park, San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, or Boston's Metropolitan Park System), Rock Creek Park is not man made.

The origins of Rock Creek Park lead back to 1866 when a Senate committee suggested identifying a swathe of land for the presidential mansion. A man by the name of Major Nathaniel Michler was assigned the responsibility to prepare a report suggesting potential sites. The President's mansion was not relocated but Michler's proposal for a park took hold and in 1890, it was established as a park.

Property Listings around the Rock Creek Park Historical District

The property listings covering this area of Washington DC cannot fully capture the majesty of this park. Much like Central Park in New York City, people literally look to buy property close to Rock Creek Park. Real estate in this area isn't quite as expensive as a similar space around Central Park, but it's still pretty darn costly. If you work as a video clerk, you probably won't be buying a home in this area soon, unless you inherit a ton of money.

Rock Creek Park has a narrow creek bed near the Maryland border. It also contains wide meadows and woods near the site of the National Zoo. It's a great place to live if you can afford it, so examine the property listings to see what real estate is going for in that area. You can find reasonable apartment and condo spaces along Connecticut Ave., but buying a space around the park will require some big-time cash.

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