Real Estate For Sale In Washington Dc

Written by James Lyons
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Real estate for sale in Washington DC is booming in the DC suburbs. The Washington DC suburbs are a little different from the suburbs in other parts of the country. These suburbs have their own feel, their own style, their own essence, yet they tout their proximity to the great Washington DC. This is great for those people who like to do things local during the week and venture out to explore on the weekends.

Bethesda, Maryland in Montgomery County is a perfect example the aforementioned Washington DC suburbs. Real estate for sale in Washington DC usually includes real estate in this popular community. Leafy and peaceful, Bethesda is the Washington establishment's suburban nirvana, populated by lawyers, politicians, lobbyists, journalists and other Capitol Hill players.

Betheda Offers an Alternative to Real Estate for Sale in Washington DC

Bethesda, Maryland sits just three miles away from DC's Northwest quadrant. Many people who live in this quaint neighborhood often forget how close they really are to Washington DC. It has all the charming things of urban living and all the charm and convenience of suburban living. Not many communities can claim that.

Real estate for sale in Washington DC and her surrounding neighborhoods dries up awfully fast. In Bethesda, residents enjoy some of the best restaurants and bars in the region. If they feel like hitting another part of the city, they hop on the Metro and head into town. Many people live within walking distance of at least one Metro stop making it unnecessary for many to own a car.

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