Washington Dc Real Estate

Written by James Lyons
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Washington DC real estate is steeped in over 200 years of history. Washington DC was designed strategically. It was designed with military defense in mind. The city is filled with countless circles (Dupont Circle being one example) and these circles give the host a distinct advantage over potential insurgents. The city can also be incredibly difficult to navigate, putting possible invaders at a disadvantage.

Yes, Washington DC has a big home field advantage. I lived there for four years and I always had trouble finding my way around in a car. Fortunately, Washington DC's Metro system is one of the best examples of modern public transportation in the world. In fact, I believe it is the best example. It's clean, convenient (in terms of number of stops and locations), remarkably easy to understand, and the trains come at reliable intervals.

Washington DC Real Estate Affected by the Metro

The Metro system has done a great deal for Washington DC real estate. Neighborhoods that were once dead are now thriving again. The George Washington University area is now an incredibly popular place to eat and visit. More people have access which means the businesses do better and the real estate appreciates.

Other neighborhoods like Adam's Morgan have exploded over the past 12 years. This community has made a complete turn around since the advent of the Metro system. Washington DC real estate in this quaint, trendy neighborhood is going through the roof. The night life in this area of town is as good as it gets with bars and clubs that satisfy anyone's preferences.

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