Washington Dc Townhomes

Written by James Lyons
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Washington DC townhomes represent an attractive middle ground between apartments and full-fledged houses. The former is often too small and the latter too much time and responsibility. In a town like Washington DC, you will need your space and you'll need time to explore everything the city has to offer. Trust me, you could do something new every day for the rest of your life and still say to yourself, "There's so much left to do."

I lived in Washington DC for over four years, residing in the Georgetown area for most of that time. I made a point to really explore Washington DC-it's museums, theatres, shops, neighborhoods, restaurants, parks, monuments, etc. When I look back I say to myself, "Man, I didn't do enough." That's how much there is to do in this great city.

Washington DC Townhomes Are Cozy

The Washington DC townhomes I visited were all very cozy places. Unlike most Washington DC apartments, the townhomes typically had the bedrooms on another level, ensuring privacy for all those occupying the space. Privacy can be an elusive pleasure if you live in an apartment.

In addition, most Washington DC townhomes have little yards attached to them so you can enjoy a little cookout on a sultry DC weekend. If you have a dog and plan to lease a space, most Washington DC townhomes are pet friendly. Also, if you plan on living with at least one housemate, you should be all over the Washington townhome listings. You will need the space.

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