Washington Property Listings

Written by James Lyons
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Washington property listings do not include all the 29,000 buildings qualified as historic under DC preservation law. Many of these buildings and properties are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. For those of you wondering about the different neighborhoods of Washington DC, there are 27 designated historic districts throughout the city.

Each one of these "historic districts" has a specific background and a specific appeal. Downtown Washington is populated by great department stores and tremendous office buildings renovated in order to preserve the original Art Deco style. Other areas in the DC area provide an amicable mix of homes and businesses, Georgetown being a great example of this with its Colonial style homes and charming little shops.

A Little More on Washington Property Listings

In the much desired Capitol Hill neighborhood one can see townhouses bunched together with statehouses. Washington's neighborhoods mirror the wonderful diversity of its residents. People move to Washington DC from all over the world and they move there for different reasons. Some are building a life in politics and others are building lives around politics. Many have nothing to do with politics.

The Washington property listings won't tell you all the incredible things about this city. They won't mention the wealth of theatres, specialty restaurants, museums, neighborhood festivals, and cultural events. The Washington property listings will probably leave out the great views you can enjoy from the hills of Anacostia. Moreover, they probably won't articulate how remarkable the renowned Metrorail system truly is.

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